Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tulle Halloween Wreath

I have been so busy with just life that I have had to put this blog on the back burner and re-align my priorities. In doing so I have not done much crafting lately. I have taken a lot of pictures and am working on this great picture which I will try to share when I finish - hopefully this next week.

Thing #2 had surgery two weeks ago and in her down time of not being able to run and play or to talk for that matter, she really needed something to do.

I found this super easy wreath off of the fabulous Pinterest. It seemed easy enough for her. It only took her about 1/2 a day and was a great way to keep her occupied without doing too much.

It is easy enough to make, you need:
Black tulle - I bought two rolls of it from Walmart
Orange ribbon
wreath form
I added a skeleton and banner to jazz it up

All you do is cut your tulle to the length you desire and tie it around your wreath form. Add as much as you need until it is the desired fullness. Add your ribbon and hang it up and you are done.

I saw these skeleton necklaces at the dollar store so I bought them and cut the skeleton off and added him to the wreath.

Also somewhere I saw once that someone had a wreath that said "we are dying to greet you". I thought that was pretty cute so I copied them. It was a while ago that I saw this, so I apologize for not giving proper credit.

That is about all that I have done for Halloween decor this year. We'll have to see if anything else gets done - I at least have to do costumes, right?! ;)
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