Wednesday, November 7, 2012

White Quilt

I took advantage of the beautiful snow we had this last weekend to take a few pictures of my last quilt I made before I moved to the middle of nowhere. This quilt has been sitting around forever - it was my first quilt - E.V.E.R.

I started this 5 years ago and I was really worried about my seams not matching and it looking crappy and this that and the other. I wanted it to be perfect! Which is why I chose white for this quilt. I picked a bunch of different white on white prints for this one. If you look really closely you can see the difference. And you can see which way my seams were pressed because I did not know the difference between quality fabric and walmart fabric. Can you guess which one I used here? :)

I am beyond all the perfection now. I just enjoy the process - well everything except the cutting, I really hate cutting. But I am trying to finish projects up and use what I have - and so my pile of UFO's is slowly getting smaller and smaller

I got it all quilted with a simple all over pattern before I sold my quilting frame to my sister - my place now is considerably smaller and I have no room for it. Which I have to say I am a little bit sad about right now, but Conan has promised me a real long arm - soon, we just need to finish this assignment here.

Doesn't it look just stunning with all the snow? It kind of blends in, maybe it would look better in the summer? oh well.

For the binding I chose a turquoise color because I was going to put this in my room and the colors in there are turquoise and yellow. I love how the color really pops.
This quilt is nothing fancy, but for me it was a huge step just to get it done. I love the simpleness of it, and it really goes well in my bedroom, which I might have to take some pictures of just to show off how great it looks in there.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

CTR towel

I made some time to use my sewing machine this last month. It seems like it has been forever since I had used it. My friend asked me to make a CTR (Choose The Right) towel for her son's upcoming baptism (more about our church here). I followed the directions from this talented lady here.

The only thing I did different was enlarge the shield and symbol - because I thought it just looked a little bit small. 

This was a really easy craft. All you need is a your image (not pictured) towel, some heat'n'bond and some fabric.
The first thing I did was iron some heat and bond onto the back of my fabric.
Then I cut my image out and then transferred the design to the fabric and cut it out of fabric
I then figured out where I wanted to place my image. I went for the middle and ironed it onto the towel.

After it was ironed on I sewed around the edges to make sure that it would stay on there forever. Heat n Bond is good but it does not stand up to repeated washing and being well used.
And then you are done! This was super easy and turns out so nice! I think I might be making some of these for my kids in the future!

I am off to enjoy the snow with my kids! Have a great Saturday!
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