Saturday, November 3, 2012

CTR towel

I made some time to use my sewing machine this last month. It seems like it has been forever since I had used it. My friend asked me to make a CTR (Choose The Right) towel for her son's upcoming baptism (more about our church here). I followed the directions from this talented lady here.

The only thing I did different was enlarge the shield and symbol - because I thought it just looked a little bit small. 

This was a really easy craft. All you need is a your image (not pictured) towel, some heat'n'bond and some fabric.
The first thing I did was iron some heat and bond onto the back of my fabric.
Then I cut my image out and then transferred the design to the fabric and cut it out of fabric
I then figured out where I wanted to place my image. I went for the middle and ironed it onto the towel.

After it was ironed on I sewed around the edges to make sure that it would stay on there forever. Heat n Bond is good but it does not stand up to repeated washing and being well used.
And then you are done! This was super easy and turns out so nice! I think I might be making some of these for my kids in the future!

I am off to enjoy the snow with my kids! Have a great Saturday!
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