Friday, May 18, 2012

Sister Photo Memory Quilts

 These two t-shirt quilts are great. The lady I made them for was by far the most organized person I have worked with. She had all the clothes she wanted to use, and she had pictures of her daughters printed onto fabric for me to sew on. It was awesome!

Because of how organized she was, or maybe because I am getting close to my moving date, I really worked hard to get these quilts done for her. This purple one was easy. She did not have a lot of clothes for her oldest daughter - who is 17 - she we filled in with purple fabric. On those purple squares I sewed the fabric photos on. It was fast and cute. I sewed them on with a simple zig-zag stitch.
I wish I would have taken a picture of the back because I pieced two baby blankets and then did a purple border. Anyway, just imagine a super cute back! 

Her other daughter - who is 5 - she had a lot of clothes for. Because of this and because of the different sizes of logos and print we did less of a squares sewn together quilt and more of a puzzle one. At least it was a puzzle for me to try and figure out how to place everything so that it fit. It worked pretty well, except we are not quite square. But she was okay with that thank goodness!
She had two sheets that her daughter used and I used those for the pictures on this quilt - and for the fill in where I did not have clothes that would fit a certain spot. I sewed these pictures on with pink thread because it was sort of a theme here and I had some that matched perfectly! I also used one of the sheets for a border. I personally like a border because I feel like it pulls it all together.
I just love this picture here. If you cannot see it, the little girl is kissing her mom's pregnant belly. I sewed this one onto the outfit that she is wearing in the picture. It is just precious.

These two quilts were fun because of the huge gap in the age of the girls. It was great to see clothes from recent and then clothes from a while ago. The different trends and colors we put kids in now verses then is pretty drastic! 

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend! I will be cleaning out more for the move!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Purple Baby Quilt

In my preparing for the upcoming move I have been cleaning out stuff, and trying to finish a few projects as well. The finishing of projects is not going so well, but I did finish this quilt.
I had the top almost all done, but I did not have a need for a purple baby blanket. So it sat in the pile. But while I was talking to my friend about her t-shirt quilt this somehow came up and she wanted it. So I quilted it up and sold it to her. 

This is the first time that I did a 'pieced' back. I really only sewed a strip down the one side because I could not find anymore matching purple. But I really like how it turned out!
I also made up a cute little tag - nothing fancy, just a little iron on with twill ribbon. But I like it and she thought it was a good idea.
Anyway, now I am on to more cleaning out and dr. visits this week!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Clothes Quilt

Even though I have not been on here as much, I have still been sewing like crazy. I have finished almost 9 t-shirt quilts and I am going to start posting them on here for you. 

I also decided that with the next one I make I will make up a tutorial for you so that if you want to make one you can, because they are not as hard as you might think - but they are time consuming, just remember that!

This quilt here was a little bit different from some of the other t-shirt quilts that I have made. This lady asked me if I could make a quilt out of her son's baby clothes. I figured that it could really not be that much harder then any other one so I said yes.

And not it was not much harder, but it took twice as long - because baby clothes are just not as easy to cut because they are smaller - not as much room for error either!
I ended up using almost 150 items of clothing for this quilt. I am always a little bit worried about what my customer will think of the quilt when I get it finished, but she posted on facebook that it was exactly what she had imagined!
 So far I just do a simple zig zag stitch between all of the shirts, but I think I might try something different. If it works well I will share exactly how to do it! (That is not a fold on the back it is the seam, but this picture does not really make it look that way!)

And can you believe that it is May already?! I have a feeling that my move is going to sneak up on me quicker then I want it to!

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