Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oslin's baby blanket

I have another baby blanket for you guys today! As you can see I finished this one this summer - right now my grass is buried under 4 feet of snow! But my friend had her baby over the holidays and sent me this picture with the quilt:

Don't you just love it! I made it for a dear friend of mine who is having her 3rd boy and a surprise as well!

I got this idea of pinterest - where I get all of my inspiration! It was so easy I could not believe it!

I cut the fabric on my cricut - the only thing my cricut cuts now days! I used heat'n'bond, but I did sew it onto the quilt as well because I didn't want it to start falling off in the wash, like some other stuff I made has!

I love the simpleness of the quilt, nothing too busy. I think that I could do a couple more of these easy and classy looking quilts!
I backed it with Kona chocolate - her nursery colors are brown and green. I did a simple all over quilting pattern except not over the name. I have to say I cannot wait until I get a long arm because I am not a big fan of machine quilting without my frame!
I am counting the days until summer here - not sure if it will ever come! We have so much snow and it has not been above freezing for over a month! But enough of my complaining, I've been sketching up a few quilt patterns lately, so if I ever get any time I will have to share them with all of you!
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