Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharing Time

I am going to do something out of the ordinary today . . . I am going to share some of my personal life with you. I do not share much so this is huge for me.

I have been super busy doing tons of fun things with my kids this summer. One thing that they love is swimming. Last year I got a little take everywhere camera. I have a big nice one, but I don't like to take it places because I am afraid something will happen to it. So Conan got me a little one for my birthday.

This camera rocks, I love everything about it and I don't even know how to use everything yet! It is shock proof and water proof. I recently put the waterproof part of it to the test - and it was awesome! (I figure my kids will put the shock proof one to the test all in due time.) I love these photos - even if they are not the best. They just capture a different part of swimming that I have never captured before.

Here I was playing with the zoom and got a super close up with Thing #1. He loves the fact that you can see the bubbles coming out of his nose. I found it a little bit hard to get the timing right. But I still liked the outcome. All but one of the pictures had most of the kids in them- one I ended up with just feet, but oh well.

And here is my newest love:
I have been sewing on card tables, the kitchen table, the computer desk, you name it. But I have never really had a real sewing desk. Because of that I have sewing stuff in places all over the house! I snagged this beauty off of craiglist, and I love it. I have my sewing machine on it and well a lot of other crap already. I have the quilt that I am currently working on out and I do not have to put it away. I have to say this is the greatest thing ever, and I like to think that I am more productive because I can just sit down and sew and not have to get everything out.

I hope that you are all having a great summer, I have a great 4th of July quilt that I hope to share with you all this week! I have it all done and hung up already, you can see a little bit of it in the corner of my desk pic!
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  1. So adorable with the goggles.......would love to see your sewing space too! Love that desk!

  2. I love that you can see bubbles coming out of his nose too ;)


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