Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butterfly Quilt Pattern

I don't know what is up, it seems lately that I have no time to do everything that I want to. The kids are back in school, I should have a little bit more free time, but for some reason I do not. I have been crafting and sewing - wait until you see my next quilt, I love it! But I have no time to blog about any of it. But today I have a free pattern for all of you! Yippee!!
 Do you remember about a month ago I finished up this beautiful butterfly quilt? Well I am finally getting around to posting the pattern for it! I do not know how to make a PDF pattern, so this is what you get, sorry. (If someone knows and wants to share with me how to do this I would love it! )

BUTTERFLY QUILT approx. 60 X 70

3 yds white fabric for background
2 charm packs of 42 charms each
5 yds backing
3/4 yds binding

Cut your white fabric into 10 - 10 inch strips. Sub cut those strips into 42 - 10 inch squares.

Draw a line from corner to corner on wrong side of each charm pack square.

Take one charm and one white square. Place charm on corner, wrong sides together and sew on the line you drew.

Repeat with alternating corner.

Repeat with all white squares.

Trim excess fabric and press the corners open.

Lay quilt out so that colored triangles touch corners - making your butterflies. Arrange it so that no two fabrics are next to each other. You will do 6 squares across and 7 squares down.

Sew together row by row and then sew the rows together - pressing as you go.

Piece backing so that it covers entire quilt.

Quilt as desired.

Cut binding into 2 1/2 inch strips and sew together. Bind edges of quilt as desired, machine or hand.

Add buttons to the center of the butterflies.

Wash and dry and enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: This is the first time I have ever written up a quilt pattern, so I apologize if there are any errors - because I am sure there are. I am not that good at following patterns I just seem to take the base of it and go from there. Please email me with any questions or anything about this.

I really hope you enjoy your quilt!
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