Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sneak Peak

 Just so you all know, I am alive and well, I just don't have much time for blogging lately. Conan's schedule has changed, which mean change for everyone, so we are still trying to get into a groove.

But I have been sewing like crazy! Thing #5 had a birthday this week and so I was trying to get this project done before that special day. I did, but I have not taken all the photos to post on here, so you get just a sneak peak of it.

This is a top of the quilt I am making. I have a lot of quilts but I wanted something special for my kids when it is their birthday. I saw the pattern for this quilt (it used christmas fabric - but I did not need another christmas quilt) I instantly thought that this would be super cute as a birthday quilt. I got the fabric a couple of months ago and have been working on it here and there.

When the kids went back to school I suddenly had the desire to get this quilt done. I tried to stick to bright cheery fabrics and not a lot of flowers - since boys make up the majority of our house here, but there was a few I just could not resist!
I also decided that a birthday banner would be in store for some of the scraps from the quilt - so we are all matchy-matchy! ;)

I really busted this out earlier this week, and now it has not left Thing #5's bed - which I love. And I love how the other kids cannot wait until their birthday so that they can sleep with it. I kind of made a few rules for the quilt. They are:
-you can sleep with the quilt the night before your birthday
-you get to open presents on the quilt, and everyone else has to stay off - I don't know about you, but everyone seems to want to help the little ones open their presents.
-you can sleep with it a couple days after your birthday - I did this because I figured I would let them use it until I am ready to wash, and then just put it away for the next birthday.

I love to celebrate birthdays at my house. Do you have any fun birthday celebrations or traditions that you do for your family?
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  1. I love it! I really do. I just might have to make one for our family, maybe more like a throw or table topper. Very nicely done.

  2. Ooh, I like the idea of only they can sit on it while opening presents!

  3. Can't wait for the reveal :_

    I made my son a birthday banner with my mom for his first birthday- I plan to use it every year. I always think a birthday cake is in order too!


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