Saturday, February 4, 2012

Peacock Rag Quilt

Friday we had a snow day. They called it on Thursday afternoon before it even started snowing. But this was a big one. We ended up getting about 15 inches total and this is what it looks like out in my backyard from my upstairs window. I took this when I finished this quilt I am going to tell you about in just a minute - about 2pm, and it was still snowing this morning when we woke up.

I just finished up this beautiful 'peacock' colored quilt for a friend of mine. I was super quick and easy - which I love. I think it took longer for us to figure out when to get together and what exactly she wanted then it took for me to make this.
The back is the same purple as on the front. I added the purple to the front to help it tie in with the back.
She wanted a rag quilt, and I decided to use rectangles because I wanted to have as little waste as possible. She ordered the fabric and we did not have quite enough to make it a twin, so I tried to stretch this every way possible.
I was trying to decide to do a pattern for the fabrics or just do random. I asked Conan and he said the pattern was less like anything else I had done, so I went with it!
Anyway, now it is sitting on the bench by my door, just waiting to be picked up. It was a birthday present for my friend and I hope that she loves it!

Too bad all my snow days are not this productive. But Conan was home from work and we had put the kids to work on their rooms.
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  1. Turned out beautifully! I don't typically like these jewel tones for myself, but in this blanket they really work. Hope the snow doesn't get you down!


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