Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Graduation Memory Quilt

 I have not been on here in forever, but I am alive! I have moved to North Dakota from Colorado and it is taking some getting used to. Being in the middle of no where and having the closest Wal-Mart 90 miles away I really have been trying to get organized in my shopping and pretty much everything else as well. But I also have been enjoying the summer and spending days at the pool, vacationing with my family and just relaxing!
This quilt is something I made before we left Colorado, but I told the lady I would not post about it until she had given it as a gift to her niece. I made this for a graduation/college send off quilt. I was collecting shirt from her for a couple of months, as she slowly gathered them from her niece. But she has given it to her and so I am posting about it now!
In addition to t-shirts she also had a pair of tennis ball pants that she wanted me to use in the quilt. It worked perfectly because sometimes you need just a little bit of filler due to the size of certain shirts. Then I took this Orlando logo from the front of one of the shirts and put on the corner.
They liked the idea of a border to bring it all together and to make it long enough for a dorm room bed. It turned out beautiful and the gal just loved it and was so excited to take it to college and have all the memories with her!

I am going to try to post on here a little bit more often then once every couple of months. I have a few quilts that I have done already and will try to get them up. For those of you who are still reading my blog even with my absence THANK YOU!!

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