Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pine Needles Quilting Shop

 While I was on vacation I had to stop at the local quilt shop. I didn't take any pictures because it is kind of dark and we were in a hurry. But we did venture up to Gardner Village in Salt Lake and went to their quilt shop while we were there, and it was fabulous!! I love going into quilt shops, they are full of treasures and inspiration!!

I took a few pictures, but I used my phone so they are not all that great. But they give you an idea of the greatness contained in this store! (just so we are clear, none of these are my projects, just pictures of items from the store!)

I fell in love with so many projects! This quilt being one of them. I really want to do a color wheel quilt and I like how this one could be turned into something like that. I also like the bright, vibrant colors that they used on it!

Then there was this bag, I am just a sucker for bags!!

This quilt was by far my favorite - I took about a dozen pictures of it because they did not have the pattern in stock! And the pictures just do not do it justice!!
 Here is an up close so that you can see the quilting. I am going to try and make this without the pattern because I love it so much!! (and it does not seem that hard!) Isn't it beautiful though?!

And lastly I saw this chair with this super girly butterfly pillow and the hexagon quilt. I like how they used triangles to off set the hexagons. I have a pack of hexagons that I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with - maybe this will be it!

And right outside their shop there is this cute little spinning wheel. My boy could not resist climbing up on it and pretending to work!
I really need a good quilt shop by me! I was so inspired by all of the projects here it made me want to go home and quilt!! Really I have just been cleaning up my fabric, and doing alterations for people. Maybe I will get to my quilting later this week!

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  1. I think I have the pattern for that first picture, the color wheel/dresden one.

    1. Really? you should go and check and if so send it to me in the mail! ;)


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