Saturday, October 5, 2013

Super Hero Symbols

Do you ever have those weeks where you just want them to be over? This was one of those for me, I was just going and going and going and then going some more! I live 20 miles out of town and I usually go to town once a week. This week however I went three times, and visited the dentist on all three of them and the dr on one and the eye dr on another! Needless to say not much else got done. But here it is Saturday and I am writing a blog post that I planned on writing a few days ago!! At least I am getting something done!

But I did manage to photograph the super hero symbols for my super hero quilt!! Here we have the Spiderman symbol:

I love them, they give the quilt that little bit extra. These were a little bit tricky, but worth it! I used a piece of embroidery floss and zigzag stitched over the top of it with clear thread. When I saw the idea on pinterest they used the same color of thread, but I did not have all the colors of thread that I needed and I had clear - works just as good! Here is the quilt with all of the symbols.
I started quilting it this week - just straight lines so far, not my favorite but it is a huge quilt and all I can do on my machine with it. In this picture I was gluing everything together.
Here is the Captain America Symbol:
Flash Symbol:
Green Lantern:
And of course the family favorite, Superman!
I really love this quilt so far, I am still trying to figure out how to quilt the rest. I have done lines on the pattern part of the border triangles, and then there is the symbols in the blue solid, but I am not sure what to do in the pattern triangles. Any thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend!!
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