Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christmas Star Quilt Listed!

I decided that since the stores are starting to put out their stuff for Christmas I might as well get some stuff in my Etsy shop. Really this is the only thing in there right now. I am just waiting for a few more things to get ready and then take some pictures!
This quilt is fabulous, and I am selling it for a good deal so you should go check it out and then keep checking back as I add more things!!

Have a happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pine Needles Quilting Shop

 While I was on vacation I had to stop at the local quilt shop. I didn't take any pictures because it is kind of dark and we were in a hurry. But we did venture up to Gardner Village in Salt Lake and went to their quilt shop while we were there, and it was fabulous!! I love going into quilt shops, they are full of treasures and inspiration!!

I took a few pictures, but I used my phone so they are not all that great. But they give you an idea of the greatness contained in this store! (just so we are clear, none of these are my projects, just pictures of items from the store!)

I fell in love with so many projects! This quilt being one of them. I really want to do a color wheel quilt and I like how this one could be turned into something like that. I also like the bright, vibrant colors that they used on it!

Then there was this bag, I am just a sucker for bags!!

This quilt was by far my favorite - I took about a dozen pictures of it because they did not have the pattern in stock! And the pictures just do not do it justice!!
 Here is an up close so that you can see the quilting. I am going to try and make this without the pattern because I love it so much!! (and it does not seem that hard!) Isn't it beautiful though?!

And lastly I saw this chair with this super girly butterfly pillow and the hexagon quilt. I like how they used triangles to off set the hexagons. I have a pack of hexagons that I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with - maybe this will be it!

And right outside their shop there is this cute little spinning wheel. My boy could not resist climbing up on it and pretending to work!
I really need a good quilt shop by me! I was so inspired by all of the projects here it made me want to go home and quilt!! Really I have just been cleaning up my fabric, and doing alterations for people. Maybe I will get to my quilting later this week!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Quilt

I know you have all missed me, I am back from vacation and am missing it already. Really I am just missing hanging out with my family, I wish we lived closer!!

Fall is almost over here - in fact we have had snow three times already! Good thing it melts pretty quick! But I have a fabulous fall quilt to share with you today.

I made this quilt a while ago and my kids call it my Halloween quilt. The leaves on the ground were perfect and then pumpkins added the perfect touch for my photos! (I have to thank my neighbors for the pumpkins!)

It is really made up of 6 huge blocks (well you make 24, but they make a pattern of 6 blocks), here is one of them:
This pattern is call Charming Old Maid and it is from Moose on the Porch quilts. She was the quilter for my quilting group when I lived in Utah years ago. It is from her book Simply Charming Two.

I loved making this quilt, it was super easy just using a charm pack and yardage!  I have actually made a lot of her quilts from the original book and the second book because they are so easy and cute!

It is 68" x 92". Here is my attempt at an aerial shot!
I had so much fun taking pictures of this quilt! The lighting was good (doesn't mean my pictures turned out great), and the weather was perfect!
And as I was just about ready to head in my little helper noticed I was outside and came out to help me! And he was just too cute not to take photos of! So we get one of him all snuggled up in the quilt!

Now I am off to put the finishing touches on Halloween costumes before our town parade tomorrow!


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Monday, October 7, 2013

Storm Trooper Quilt Pattern

I made up a pattern for this awesome quilt! I hope that it works well for you, if you have any problems please let me know and I will try to help you out!! I am always a little bit worried about publishing patterns because what if I am not that good at conveying how to do things - I have a hard time following patterns myself! So please bear with me!! And again, ask if you have any questions!!

I got the idea for this quilt from Kim over here.

Quilt measures roughly 90 x 90

Black: 3 yards
White: 2 yards
Gray: 1/2 yard
Binding: 3/4 yard
Backing: 5 yards

Gray: Cut fabric into 3 - 5" strips. From those 3 strips cut them into 24 - 5" squares.

White: Cut fabric into 14 - 5" strips. Sub cut into 106 - 5" squares.

Black: Cut 10 - 5" strips. Take those strips and sew groups of two together into 5 - 5" strips.
Cut 10 more 5" strips and sub cut into 78 - 5" squares.

Now you should have three stacks of 5" squares and one stack of 5" strips.
For this next part, I followed this picture (above) I drew up. I just started at the bottom and sewed each row together and then sewed all the rows together.

Starting at the bottom I took two of the black strips and sewed them together. This forms your bottom two rows.

Then I took and sewed black, black, black, white, gray, white, black, black, black, black, white, gray, white, black, black, and black. This will form your third row.

Continue like this until you get all of your rows together, following the picture for your guideline.

You can sew your rows together however you like - after you finish one or at the end of sewing them all together, you pick whatever works for you.

Oh and be sure to iron!

Then quilt how desired and cut your binding into 9 - 2" strips and finish your quilt off!! (I am going with gray for my binding, and my boy wants black minky for the back!)

If you make one of these I would LOVE to see it!!

Good Luck and Enjoy!!

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Super Hero Symbols

Do you ever have those weeks where you just want them to be over? This was one of those for me, I was just going and going and going and then going some more! I live 20 miles out of town and I usually go to town once a week. This week however I went three times, and visited the dentist on all three of them and the dr on one and the eye dr on another! Needless to say not much else got done. But here it is Saturday and I am writing a blog post that I planned on writing a few days ago!! At least I am getting something done!

But I did manage to photograph the super hero symbols for my super hero quilt!! Here we have the Spiderman symbol:

I love them, they give the quilt that little bit extra. These were a little bit tricky, but worth it! I used a piece of embroidery floss and zigzag stitched over the top of it with clear thread. When I saw the idea on pinterest they used the same color of thread, but I did not have all the colors of thread that I needed and I had clear - works just as good! Here is the quilt with all of the symbols.
I started quilting it this week - just straight lines so far, not my favorite but it is a huge quilt and all I can do on my machine with it. In this picture I was gluing everything together.
Here is the Captain America Symbol:
Flash Symbol:
Green Lantern:
And of course the family favorite, Superman!
I really love this quilt so far, I am still trying to figure out how to quilt the rest. I have done lines on the pattern part of the border triangles, and then there is the symbols in the blue solid, but I am not sure what to do in the pattern triangles. Any thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend!!
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Storm Trooper Quilt

This quilt came together so fast!! I am still in the progress of my super hero quilt, but I needed a change so I got started on this beauty! And my boy could not be happier!
I cut all my squares one night and got started on it, and then just finished it up this weekend!
It is a very easy quilt, I made up the pattern from a slight tutorial I found on Pinterest, I made it a little more detailed and I hope to share it sometime towards the end of this week!

Enough fun for now, I have a pile of pants to be hemmed for a customer (alterations are not near as fun as quilting, but it pays!!), so I am off to hem!

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