Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Antiqued Bed

Do you ever have those projects that seem to never get done. Or I guess that just take forever to get that last step completed? I sure do. And this bed is a great example of that. (sorry for the washed out look - the sun was super bright through the window!)

I had it all done about 3 months ago, and then it just sat in Thing #2's room. Waiting to be put together.

This weekend it finally happened and she could not be happier. She is now off her mattress on the floor and on a real bed.
If you remember the bed started out just wood color with a slight varnish. I sanded it and then painted it. I really do not have space to do this, so I was at the mercy of one of my friends. After a few weeks I got it done and brought it home.
By this time it was summer and so I had it on the back patio and there I sanded it and applied a light varnish to give it that 'old' look as my kids like to call it.
I really love how it turned out. When we put it together we decided to flip the headboard and foot board so that she would have lots of space underneath to store things. Now to find some cute little boxes to use under there.
One end of the bed I painted with chalkboard paint and she loves that she can draw on it whenever. I think I am going to get one of those little tin pails for her to keep chalk and eraser in. Then I can just hang it on the corner.
And here it is all made - probably the only time it will look this nice unless I make her bed for her! But she was so excited that she finally got her bed together and can sleep on it!
And for those of you who care this project only cost me $15! Not too shabby right?
bed $5
paint $5
extra wood for support $5
Other supplies borrowed from friends, or had on hand.

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