Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dr. Seuss Cookies

Despite my lack of posting, or even getting on here for that matter, I am alive and well.

I have been busy being a mom, organizing - I have gone through so much stuff and gotten rid of so much stuff, it is unreal, -  cleaning house, training a new puppy - I'll post some cute pics later - and sewing. Man I love to sew. I like to craft, but not near as much as I like to sew. And I have quite a few orders piling up and so maybe if I stay on top of things I will get them posted on here!

I had to share this with you for a few reasons. One being that they turned out so dang cute, and good for that matter, and well I guess that is really the only reason.
I had a cookie exchange the other night and I decided that I was going to make these awesome cookies. I found them on none other than the fabulous pinterest! You are more then welcome to go and follow me on there and see what fun things I find and like.

I am not posting the recipe and directions, because the site I got them from did a great job on it. So just head over there to see more great pictures and the recipe.

I made these in green as well. I used a peppermint extract on both colors and it was super good. But you have no pictures of the green ones, because by the time I thought to get the camera, they were in the bottom of my pans and I was not going to dig through them all, sorry.
Everyone loved them and thought they looked like something that you would see in a Dr. Seuss book, hence the post title.

I was good this year and did package up most of the cookies that we got for some friends and neighbors. That way I do not have as many sitting around the house tempting me to eat them. And of course a few got used to bribe some children to clean the whole house - loving it right now!

I hope that all of you are having a great holiday and enjoying your sugar overload as well!
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