Friday, September 20, 2013

Super Hero Quilt

I have been sewing up a storm lately! And it has been great. Ever since I finished my quilt along I was in the mood to finish up projects instead of just leave them and get to them whenever.

And much to my little ones delight I have the top of his quilt finished. And it is huge!!

I was originally going for a twin size, but then I decided just a little bigger, and well I am not sure what happened because now it is almost a queen! Oh well, at least there will be plenty of quilt for him to snuggle under!
And when I wanted to take pictures the wind would not stop blowing, so I just embraced it, and we get some pictures with character!
Not all of my points completely lined up, but that is ok, because there is some that were right on! I liked using these triangles because it was a little bit different than my normal squares.
Here we get some better pictures of it and notice the little bodies of my helpers? They were all more than willing to help me out, it was sweet. Isn't this just the best quilt? It is currently my favorite.
I love how this turned out! I am not going to wait for my longarm to quilt it because he really just wants it done. I had an a-ha moment for how to quilt this the other night on pinterest. I remember seeing something and thinking that was a cool idea, and of course did not pin it. But I am going to try something new here, so stay tuned and I'll post some pictures soon!

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  1. You probably have a better idea than mine but I discovered that folding both sides in to the section I am working on (I am doing straight lines to it was easier anyway) and then not try turning it. Stuffing all that fabric through my machine got old really fast. Good luck. I am trying my frame out as soon as the office gets its update finished.


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