Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Hero Party!

 I did not get much sewing done this last week, because I was planning this fabulous party for my 4 year old. In our house when you turn 4 you get your first friend party - so my boy was super excited. He invited all three of his friends, and then a couple high school girls who taught him swimming lessons this summer. He really loved those girls and they were so sweet they even came to his party!

I am a lover of Pinterest for a ton of reasons, but one of them you can find some great party ideas on there. Which is where I got most of these!

We had some leftover cups with lids from another birthday and so I used those to make these super hero cupcake holders.

For the sucker I cut out a mask shape and just colored in the eyes. For the cape I took some of the leftovers from his super hero quilt and starched them so they stuck out behind. And my sons favorite was this superman one:
 I stuffed tissue paper in the bottom and then balanced the cupcake on top of it. Then put the lid on and stuck the sucker through the hole in the top of the lid.
 For games my husband drew this city (it is an aerial view) and we had the kids leap over building in a single bound. They thought it was pretty cool.
 We had this table cloth for them to color while they colored some masks.
 Here is the set up, the cupcakes to take home, some cupcakes to eat, a small jar of candy to use their super powers and guess how many where in it, and the bomb pinata.
 Conan was in charge of the pinata and he did awesome! Here is a close up of the ticking time bomb:
 We also had them balance across this tape with flames on either side, because super heros have to be able to walk across fire
Now the party is over and the kids have gone to school and I have plans to sew today! Hopefully I can make some progress on that super hero quilt since it was supposed to be for his birthday!

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  1. Way fun! And by the way, I am probably really slow in realizing this, but I like your new header and your name image.

    1. Thanks so much! and I like that you take the time to visit my blog and leave me comments!


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