Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Tree Runner

Today I have a special treat for you! This super cute Christmas Tree Table runner. I am still trying to decide if I will keep this or sell it. Decisions, decisions!! And yes my table is super glossy!
I got the idea from Pinterest, of course! I didn't really need a pattern, I just cut some trees out of green and then the trunk out of brown. I appliqued them onto cream and sewed the red strip around it. Then it sat in my sewing room for a couple of months. We all get projects like that right?!
But once December hit, I busted it out again and added the final cream border and then quilted it up. I absolutely loved quilting this - I think that I could machine quilt all day long! I did pebbles under the trees - kind of like rocks, and then swirls in the middle, with lines on the outside. Simple but perfect!
I think I have mastered the swirls, but those pebbles were a little bit tricky at first, but overall I really like how it turned out!

And all beautiful with my ornament lantern in the middle of it.
I even love the back. Oh, and I quilted straight lines on the trees to just give them a little something extra. I wanted the straight lines to offset all the swirls and pebbles.
And isn't it just beautiful?! Really I do love this, but I don't have a need for it so I will probably list it in my Etsy shop. That is if I get any free time before Christmas!
I hope that you are all enjoying this season, I am off to bake some more cookies for my kids school parties tomorrow!

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  1. You are amazing! I need to work on my projects. I am thinking of putting a quilt up on the frame this evening.

  2. I love all of the quilting you added to this runner. It really takes the design to the next level.

  3. I love how the binding is like another border. Thanks for the idea for a centerpiece. I need to go find my lantern. ;)

  4. The quilting is just beautiful! Perfect holiday touch!

  5. Cute! I really like your design.

  6. Looks great! Good chance to build up the fmq skills! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Thank you everyone for the nice words on my runner! Made my week!


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