Monday, December 23, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Merry 'almost' Christmas! Today I am sharing with you my super cute zippered pouches that my kids gave their teachers. I have to say I am hooked on making these. They are so quick and easy and turn out great!!
This cute polka dot one I was a little bit frustrated with. I accidentally sewed the fabric I wanted to use on the outside as the lining. But it is still cute and gives the lining a nice surprise. I think because I was using an invisible zipper it threw me off.
Next is my Freshly Squeezed bag. I loved this fabric from the day it came out, and when I was going through my scraps I thought it would be perfect. And I even had a green zipper that went so well with it!
And for the inside I have this fun dot print.
And lastly is this super cute red and turquoise pouch. I really wanted to keep this one, but I told myself no. I might be making one for me in the near future. There is just something about those two colors that I love. Well really I just love anything turquoise!
I used a simple turquoise for the lining. And I used some of the labels I made on the inside!
I even got a little bit fancy on the wrapping. I shared this picture on Instagram. I used simple gold tissue paper and some ribbon and then a monogram letter I cut with the cricut. It added just the perfect touch!
And the pouches were a hit! My kids teachers could not believe that I made these. One of my boys even told his teacher that he thought I bought it! hahaha!

Now we are on the countdown, my kids are going through the house singing "there is only 2 days till Christmas" I think they might get sent outside here soon.

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