Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Clearance

I know you are probably not expecting a Christmas decoration post, but I found something great on clearance this year. I did not go out and look for any good Christmas clearance this year. But when I saw these I just had to get some!

I was at Ace looking for something and I found these huge red jingle bells. I just love them, and knew that a few of them needed to make it into my home. 

My friend has this super cute jingle bell on her door and I love it. I decided that I was going to make one of those.

I got two new scarfs for Christmas and one still had that little round thing on it and it was the prefect size for what I was wanting to do.

I attached the scarf circle to the bell and then took my twine and wrapped it all the way around. I glued the ends so that they would not unravel. Easy peasy.

I then added a little ribbon bow just for good measure and because it looked really plain and boring without it.
And then I hung it on my door - for like a day before I put all the Christmas decorations away. But I will sure be enjoying this next year!
Our weather here has been super and we have loved being able to play outside and not freeze for the last few days before winter break was over! But now the kids are back in school and I am trying to regain my house!
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