Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fire and Ice

I have been spending some quality time with my sewing machine lately. My sister who also loves to sew sent me this quilt top to quilt.She made this last year with her local quilt shop for their block of the month program. Makes me wish I had a quilt shop around me that did something cool like that!

This quilt is different than any quilt of mine. For some reason I really like the white background on quilts. This was a fresh different kind of quilt for me to work on.
I quilted it with mutilcolored thread and did stars randomly throughout the quilt. You can see it good here on the 'ice' squares.
Doesn't that quilt just look awesome!?
The quilting is harder to see here on the 'fire' squares.

But this quilt is now on its way back to my sister. This is exciting for her because she has yet to have any quilts finished! I think she will love this, I know it has me looking at branching out of my light colored backgrounds that I love!
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  1. Ooooo I want to try multi-colored thread!! that looks awesome!

  2. You are amazing! I love the multicolored thread and the stars.


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