Friday, January 10, 2014

Half Square Triangle Quilt

Lately I have been on a cleaning rampage. I am not sure if it is because I live in the middle of no where and never go anywhere, or if it is because it has been so cold, or if it is because I know we will be moving in a couple of month. Regardless, my house is looking so great!! And things are organized, and I am finding all sorts of things.

These last few days I have spent in my sewing room - which also doubles as my daughters room - cleaning and organizing. while going through fabric that was stashed here and there I found this pile of half square triangles.
I got these a couple of years ago from a grab bag at my local quilt shop. From that bag I have made one baby quilt and I have one twin sized quilt top done, and there is still this much left!!

I just stuck them in my scrap bins knowing that someday I would get around to using them. Well this week turned out to be that someday. With the artic weather we have been having I have been stuck inside way too long, which translates into a lot of time wasted on Instagram and Pinterest. While I Instagram I saw a picture from Canoe Ridge Creations that just caught my eye, and I realized that I had everything I needed to make this quilt like hers.

Now I did not have a pattern or anything, I was just going by what I saw in her picture. You may have seen my progress on Instagram. But I finished it all up and I love it! I happened to have some white on white print in my stash as well, so I had to buy nothing for this quilt top!! Score!

Here are the rows all ready to sew together. I love the soft look of the pastel colors.
And here we have the finished product:
This is just a tiny bit bigger than a baby blanket, which in my mind is perfect for when you want to have a little bit of blanket on you when you are feeding the baby at night! My soon to be teenage son is helping me hold this up. I might have to re-press those side strips, they seem to want to fold in.
For now it is going into my pile of quilt tops that are so patiently waiting to be quilted. Someday I will own a long arm. I have a whole list of alterations that need to be done for my neighbor this weekend, and some baby curtains for her as well - so after those I will be one step closer to it!
We are supposed to get a little bit warmer temps this weekend - like we might actually reach freezing! We might have to go outside and play all weekend! Hope you all have a great one too!!

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  1. good for you to clean up... now if I can make myself do the same.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. I would say that grab bag from your LQS was well worth the money!! Hope you have a great weekend and your weather warms up some. We are supposed to get into the 70s here in NC tomorrow...yeah we'll see about that!


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