Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ruffle Curtains

This cold has really been getting to me lately, and so I have spent more time sewing than on the computer, but today I have something super cute and girly to share with you! Pink ruffle curtains!!
My sweet neighbor is having a baby girl in a couple of months and is going all out on making the perfect nursery. I get to help her out. I made the curtains, some sheets, and changing table cover and a few other little things. But today I am sharing the curtains with you. Those of you on instagram have seen these already, but now I will tell you a little bit more about them!
I did a simple pocket rod top because then she could stick a curtain rod through it or use curtain clips to hang them. (and sorry for the bloated curtain look, it was so cold the day I took pictures and it seemed like my heater did not turn off!!)
For the bottom I did two larger ruffles and then one that was slightly smaller. They were super simple and easy! And then just folded over my hem and sewed them onto the curtain.
The hardest part was sewing the blackout liner into them! But I got it and they are done. But because she used regular fabric and not drapery fabric they are smaller than she wanted. So now she is trying to figure out how to have me make them bigger! We tried a ruffle on the side, but it just looks like an after thought! (which is what it was!) I am trying to convince her that a seam off to the side will not be that bad and will give the curtains the width that they need. We will see what I end up doing!

And here is the crib with the bedding that she got off Etsy, before she knew I could sew! Which is probably a good thing, because I do not like sewing bumper pads! I did them once for one of my kids and used those until my last one because I never wanted to do them again!! Ha!
I just love how girly and fun this room is! She has some turquoise accents throughout as well. As she finishes it up I will post the 'done' pictures!

On another note, I got my ombre quilt all cut out and most of it sewn together. I am starting to sew the rows together now! And I hope to start cutting for another quilt this weekend! I'll be sure to share pictures!

Enjoy and stay warm everyone!!
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  1. One thought for the curtains, get a contrasting color for side bars (of course you would need the ruffle to go all the way across the bottom so that could be tricky). Good luck. We will refrain from showing my girls these just yet, curtain rods are doomed in our house.

  2. If you add the contrasting color, you could add extra ruffles in between the current ones, so you see ruffle stripes. (5 ruffles). Or you could add a valence in the other color.

  3. How about making another panel just like the one you made? This way during the day she could open the curtains in the middle to let the light in.

  4. Thanks everyone for your input, I hadn't thought of some of these ideas!! I actually made two panels and I have given these ideas to her, so we will see what she decides to do! Thanks again!!


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