Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Quilt

I got this grab bag of fabric a year or two ago - well I actually got three because it was such a good deal - and I am finally using it. I started this quilt this summer. I was hoping that I would have it finished by Christmas. But my problem was I was not in a hurry because Christmas was so far away. So I would sew a little here and there on it. And now it is 3 days until Christmas. I don't think that I am going to get it done in time. Especially since I am all out of thread and the thought of going to the store at this point is scary. That and I am still trying to decide on this outside border.

It just seems really busy. But I wanted to use what fabric I had. I actually made a whole other Christmas quilt with similar fabric. I wish I had more of the cream stripe, but I don't - I actually had to piece it together to make the rows. I am open to ideas on the outside border, I might go and buy a similar cream to replace it.

Here is the complete quilt:

 I like it, but that border just gets me. I might just quilt it and call it good, because my kids all say it is so nice looking. (I think they say that about everything I sew, but good for them.) Maybe I could get some cream and replace that busy outside border with is and then place the busy one on the outside of the cream . . . who knows, but now my goal is to finish this quilt in a month. So stay tuned to see what happens to it!

The pattern comes from a book by Moose on the Porch Quilts - that lady is very talented. She was one of the gals who would quilt for our quilting group when I lived out in the country. The book is called Big Block Quilts. She has very cute patterns in that book and her other ones called Simply Charming 1 and Simply Charming 2. Go check her out, you will not be sorry. She is doing a quilt along right now that looks like a ton of fun.
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