Friday, December 31, 2010

Look what I did

For Christmas I like to give family gifts to my sisters who have kids. and I found a really great idea for this past year. I am posting it after Christmas because I did not want to totally ruin the surprise. Even though some of them already knew, because I took the presents to them when we went out to visit a couple of months ago.

I made these super easy boards for their kids to hang their art work, school work, or whatever on.

To make these I took a 1x8 and cut it down to about 18 inches. I then painted the underside a light brown - slightly darker then the wood. I then painted the top coat. This one I did a tealish blue. I also did an orange and a green one. I then sanded the edges and the top to give it a little distressed look and to see the bottom coat of paint. (You cannot really see it in the picture).
I then painted some regular clothes pins black. (For the orange board I left the clothes pin the wood color because I did not want it to look like a Halloween decoration.) I then just eyeballed where to place the clothes pins and gorilla glued them on. I did not want them to be pulled off.
I cut the vinyl on my cricut with my SCAL (sure cuts a lot) in a kid hand writing. I did not want them to be perfectly straight, so I just eyeballed where to place these letters as well.
This tealish one I used for my kids and the moment I hung it up Thing #2 and Thing #4 went right to work drawing pictures to fill up the hooks.

 Don't forget we have a link party starting next friday. Jan 7 will be our first Fantastic Friday where you get to showcase all of your fantastic creations.

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  1. You are so creative! Move back, move back and come craft with me! I totally need to copy this idea for Chey. She loves to hang up all of her artwork. Gotta try a "me" version!

  2. This is a great idea for diplaying the kiddos artwork! So great we chose to feature you at Truly Lovely! Thanks for linking up to Fancy This Fridays!!! Stop by to check it out and grab a feature button for your blog! :)


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