Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful New Year, and that you had a safe and enjoyable time celebrating last night.
Today I am sharing a few of my New Years Resolutions with you. I saw a scrapbook page done similar to this and thought it would be a good idea. I got all of my supplies for this digital page from Designer Digitals. I am planning on making a little album to help me keep on track and show my progress.

The goals/resolutions I put on here are:
1. Go camping with my family. Growing up we went camping a lot and I enjoyed it. However, with my family we have never really had the opportunity to go camping very many times. When we have the kids have loved it. Now that we are actually in a good job that gives good vacation time, I want to take the kids camping. Conan is all for it, and Thing #2 was super excited when she read this one over my shoulder.

2. Finish six quilts. I have a few that I have started already and I will probably count those, but I have quite the stash of fabric and patterns for it all ready to go . . . I just need to do it. I hope that this will help me to complete some of them.

3. Live more in the moment by completing Project 365. This is a project where you take one picture everyday to chronicle your life more or less. I have a digital layout all made and so I will just have to copy and paste the picture and add journaling. I am also hoping that this helps me with writing in my journal, because I am not so good at that.

4. Eat less refined sugar and processed foods. I am not quite sure how to chronicle this one, but I will think of something. I set this goal because I tend to eat what I want. I have no problem working out, I do that all the time. But there is something about eating that gets me. I know that cleaning up my eating will help my to showcase my hard earned muscles. This will probably be my hardest one.

5. Stay caught up in scrapbooking. Since I have gone to digital scrapbooking I have found that it is easier to get my scrapbook pages done. I am hoping to finish a few from last year that I have started and the ones from Christmas that I have not started - and stay on top to things. I will post a few here and there as I get some done.

6. Earn my Youngwomanhood Recognition as a leader. In my church I earned this award as a teenager and now they changed the program a little bit and are giving the leaders an opportunity to earn it. I have started on this and am hoping that I will be able to finish it this year.

There you have it, a few of the things which I hope to accomplish this year. I am a list maker so there are many things which I would like to do, but I decided to chronicle these 6. What are some of the things that you would like to accomplish this year? Or what goals did you accomplish last year that you are proud of?

And don't forget about Fantastic Friday on Jan 7th!
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  1. I love that! I'm trying to figure out what goals to do for this year. I have a lot of areas to improve on! :D


  2. This page looks awesome! And I finally got you added to my reader and my blog page so I'll remember to check over here. I can't wait to see your P365 template.


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