Monday, January 24, 2011

Almost BBQ Ribs

I am not a huge meat eater. It just does not appeal to me. But there are times where I just love it - and Conan loves those times! ;) The other day was one of those times, I was craving meat and so I decided to cook some ribs for dinner. Because I do not really care for meat, I do not have a ton of good ways to cook it. So it is usually an experiment. After talking to my friends husband I found a couple of good ways to cook ribs and surprised Conan with how good they turned out.

I do not really have a recipe because I just used BBQ sauce, but you could use any marinade over the top. I boiled the ribs first in a pot on the stove. I was told that this would make the meat softer, which it did. Then I placed them on a baking sheet and smothered them in BBQ sauce. I then cooked them on the convection bake setting in my oven. (We do not own a BBQ, and if we did I would not go outside with how cold it was the day I made these.)

I let them cook for about 30-45 minutes and it was awesome, they had a little bit of that grilled taste, and were delicious! The kids even loved them, but I think that somedays they will eat just about anything. Don't those just look so good?!

It was a quick and easy dinner, well maybe not quick because it did take some time, but for sure easy. We just had some steamed veggies to go with it.We will definitely be doing this meal again.

Stay tuned, I hope to post some of the great finds I got at the thrift store this weekend, and in doing that I will show you my newest project . . .
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