Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Ever So Talented Sister

I have a few sisters and all of them are supremely talented - but today I am going to share about one of my younger sisters. She can cook like nobody's business and blogs about it here . But she has recently got into quilting. All of my siblings can sew, my mom made sure of that, but this is the first quilt that my sister has made. This is her quilt laying on my floor.

Holy cow! I was stunned when I got this in the mail - it is not for me, I was just doing the machine quilting on it for her. All of her edges met and her corners are perfect! I have been quilting for a few years and would love to say that I was that good when I started, but I just wasn't. I am not even that good now! To quilt it I did a simple all over pattern.

There are a few reasons why I love this quilt so much: One because I do not get a chance to work with pink that much with the level of testosterone that is in my house, and isn't it just to die for?! Two because she did so good on it - I've said it already, but man this girl has talent! she even ironed everything - which is the part that I do not like, and therefore I do not do that very well. and Three it was baby sized, I had it on and off the frame the same day! I am used to working on big quilts, and so it was a dream to quilt something so small and dainty.

I mailed it back to her to do the binding and then give it to her SIL for her sweet new baby. 
Anyway, if you want some good recipes that are not hard go check out her blog. And we can all just dream of quilting this good. I do have some of my own sewing projects, but this tops them. I will show you more maybe next week. I do have one of my quilts up on the frame now, I figured since the machine was already up there I might as well quilt one, so hopefully I will be able to share my first finished quilt of the year!

AND . . . I have been working on a cool project, at least I think it is cool. I am hoping to get one of them to turn out good and worthy to be placed on here. ;) So stay tuned.

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  1. aww, you're so nice! I'm hoping it come in the mail today, I want to see it! :)


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