Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Smoothie

This limited sugar thing is hard! I don't know about all of you, but I tend to snack a lot throughout the day. And when there is still sweets left from Christmas, they are much more tempting to eat then something healthy. But I am still on track!

A couple of years ago Conan used to be a personal trainer/nutritionist, when he was doing this I found all sorts of ways to eat good. I still do most of them every now and then - more so at the beginning of the year when I am trying harder. But there is one that I still do just about everyday and that is my green smoothie. I have a couple of variations of this depending on what I have on hand. This particular one is more purple than green because I used frozen blueberries.

And do you not love my plastic cups? Once upon a time I had nice glasses that were actual glass. Slowly they started to diminish, until finally when we were packing up to move I decided that what was the point in moving 3 unmatching glass that we rarely used - so they went in the goodwill pile. Someday I might actually buy some more, but right now I do not see a point. Anyway . . .  back to the topic, smoothies. The recipe for this variation is - mind you I am not that good at measuring, I just kind of throw stuff in the blender.

1 C blueberries
1/2 banana
1 C spinach
1 scoop wild berry protein powder

I add enough water to get it to blend well. When Conan makes these they are just like from the smoothie place, but I tend to add more water so that Thing #5 can drink them, because he loves them and it gets him to eat more than cheerios. The banana really sweetens this up. And the protein powder is just a way of helping me up my protein intake. I use spinach because it does not have a very strong taste and it really good for you. I have tried different lettuce varieties, but I do not like them.

Another variation that I like is:
1 apple
1 C spinach
1 scoop chocolate protein powder

This one I make when apples are always cheap. You can add so many things to these. I have added carrots without anyone noticing. I added part of an orange the other day and it was great. Of course not everything I add makes it turn out great. there are those days when I get distracted and add something and then I just end up gagging this down because I do not want to waste it.
If you set a goal this year to eat healthy give this a try, it is filling and good for you!  And don't forget about our link party starting on Friday.
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  1. I'm on Weight Watchers right now and have been trying to find a smoothie that incorporates a decent serving of spinach into it. This sounds ( not looks ) awesome!


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