Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nausea Quilt

I have been quilting for a couple of years now and I love it! I love to see my family all snuggled up under a quilt made just for them. About 2 years ago I got a quilt kit that I wanted to make. I was newly pregnant with Thing #5, and I was hoping to get the quilt completely done before he was born. Well it started out good, then when I started sewing it together the nausea would hit. I got sick a lot in the evening, and that is when I I had the time to sew. After a couple of days of trying to sew things together I could not do it anymore. Every time I would think about the quilt, or look at the quilt, or heaven forbid sit down and sew on the quilt the nausea would come on strong. So I put the quilt away for a while.
After Thing #5 was born I thought it would be good to finish the quilt - I really dislike unfinished projects. I pulled it out and started sewing on it. I could not make it over 30 minutes without feeling a little ugh. When I finally did finish piecing the top together I was trying to decide how to quilt it and what we would use it for. I came up with a great idea, we would use this quilt when the kids were sick. I got this idea from my mom, because growing up when we were sick my mom would always let us use this pink blanket. It seemed like that was the only time we could use that blanket.
After I decided this I thought it would be fun to quilt the kids names into the quilt so that while they are laying around bored on the couch they can be looking for their name. I also quilted 'feel better' and 'I love you'. The picture is from the back of the quilt, which is why the words are backwards. From the front you cannot really tell that it says anything, but on the back you can see the names and sayings easier.

Now that I am done with this quilt it seems that I do not get as sick when I think about it, but there is something about it still that just makes my stomach turn. Hence the name, and everyone in the house knows what I mean when I ask them to go and get the nausea quilt.
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  1. I hated morning sickness. Now everytime I smell liquid dishwasher soap, I get hit with memories of mine. That is fantastic that you put the names and saying on it. Fabulous job!!


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