Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monogram Stockings

I have this thing about matching. I love it when things match and look good together. You would not know this looking at my house, but I really do like this. For a while my kids all had various stockings that were really an eye sore to me when they were all hung up together. So I got this great idea to make stockings.

It was not really that hard. I took a pattern off of Conan's stocking from when he was a kid and just made 7 of them. I used felt because that was what my stockings were made out growing up. I really like the monogram because then you can always tell whose is whose, and it just looks so classy I think. So I found a font I liked on my computer and made a stencil out of it and cut out my letters. I stitched around the letters by hand and then glued them to the white part of the stocking.

This was super easy, a little time consuming because I had to make so many of them. But now they are very eye pleasing when lined up for Santa.
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