Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Felt Advent Calendar

First I have to tell you, I did not make this. My dear little sister did one year for us for Christmas.(you can read more about her here) But had she not done this then I would have made this advent calendar. I love this advent not because it is super easy and quick to make, and not because it stores so great. But I love it because it is exactly like the advent that we used as kids growing up. And it helps us to remember what this season is really about.

This is super easy and fun for kids to be able to open a pocket everyday of the month. My kids are always counting out which order to go in so that they can open the last pocket - which is always baby Jesus.

The background square on mine measures roughly about 23" x 26" and each pocket measures 3 inches square. There are three rows of pockets with 8 in each row. There is a pocket sewn on the top for the dowel rod to slip through. We also keep a few extra pins on the side for those items in the pocket that might need more than one. The numbers are written on the pockets with a Sharpie. And the tree and stable are permanently glued on. Each item can be pinned on.

Each pocket is filled with different things to decorate the picture. There are figures cut out of felt. Like these here:

These would be a shepherd and his sheep.

And here we have Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus:

There are other items from felt, but I did not take a picture of everything. They are an angel, some wisemen, more animals, a little manger and another shepherd.

We also have items in the pockets to decorate the tree, like these here(plus numerous others):

And then there are presents to place under the tree

And not pictured is the garland, the star, and more ornaments. Each year we open a pocket every night and then on the last night we open baby Jesus and read the story in the scriptures. When we are cleaning up Christmas, I just randomly place the items back into the pockets and close them with the pin and roll this up around the dowel rod and it is ready to store until next year!

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  1. Wait, you don't have styrofoam presents! You were jipped (not sure how the spelling on that one goes). :) One note, I had to sew around my tree and stable so that they would stay one (they are glued also, I was pinning through the glue tonight).


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