Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sugar Pop

I really love to quilt. I have been sewing dresses and it is really not as much fun as quilting is. There is a new quilt shop near me that had a grand opening last week and I went and loved it! There were so many pretty fabrics - very bright colors. I was really good and did not buy anything, mostly because they did not have any pre-cuts, and you can always find something to do with those. But here are two pictures of the fun fabric that they had in the shop.

I love the top fabrics the best - I am looking through all of my quilt patterns to see if I have one that would be perfect for this fabric. I do like the pink ones, but with the lack of girls in my house another pink quilt is just not really an option. After I left there I was motivated to get some quilting done. So I got out my precut I had ordered a while ago - at 50% off! This fabric line is Sugar Pop.

I just love the bright colors in it. I had to buy a little bit extra to use for borders, but I am making a simple table topper with this fabric. I hope that it will bring a little bit of color into my kitchen and dining room.

It was so easy to put together, and I even have it up on the frame to quilt, and I hope to have it done by this weekend. Conan says it looks like the 70's. I don't mind, I like it. I am thinking about binding it in the orange, brown, or pink - not sure yet, but I need something that will stand out from the green. What do you think would look the best?
And here is a close up of the table topper. Don't those colors just make you feel like spring? I am almost done with another quilt that I just took off the frame - just need to finish the binding.
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  1. This will look great on your table, its great!

  2. I think pink binding, it will contrast the green border but compliment the pink flowers in the border fabric.

  3. Very pretty, I don't know how you walked out of that fabric store without buying anything...I would have caved!

  4. very nice! thnak you for sharing,Amy


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