Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monogram Onsies

Remember two weeks ago when I featured these super cute onsies that had whales and flowers on them. I loved that idea so much that I made some myself. My good friend just had twin boys - which puts her at 5 boys! I wanted to give her something that she would love and I thought some monogram onsies would be perfect. Then her other boys could easily tell which baby is which! :)
Now I do not own a Silhouette machine, I wish I did but I have a Cricut and SCAL, so I can do a fair amount of stuff. I went through my fabric stash to find some good fabric to use for this project, and came to the realization that I do not have a lot of 'boy' fabric. I find this odd because I have 4 boys, but maybe it is my love of flowers that helps me in picking out fabric.

Anyway, I was able to find two different fabrics that would work good. I had some onsies that Thing #5 had never wore, and I picked up some heat and bond from Walmart. Which makes this project almost free for me!
I started by cutting my fabric into a 4" square. I chose this size because it would not look too big on the little onsie. I then cut some heat and bond the same size and followed the instructions on the package to attach it to my fabric.
I then cut it with my Cricut. I used a new blade, and it did great. You can kind of see it in the picture. I did end up having to cut a little bit of the top corner of the 'B' but that was because I did not place it on the mat in the right spot.
After I had my letters cut out I followed the rest of the instructions on the package of heat and bond and ironed these letters onto the onsies. And after only 20 short minutes I have 2 super cute onsies to give to my friend!

It rained yesterday afternoon, and it is supposed to rain all day today - not a great way to start summer break, but my kids seem to be enjoying not having anything to do!
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  1. So did you sew around the edges at all? I know the ultra heat-n-bond says you don't need to but I did on mine. Mostly because I didn't have much success with patches staying on when I used the heat-n-bond, although I may have used the light version and those patches are pretty thick. Just curious.

  2. You are so stinking creative! Why don't you move back and maybe you can get me motivated to do something besides create on my computer! haha!

  3. cute idea! They turned out great!

  4. I need to get a move on making some onesies myself, love your monogrammed ones and hoping I can figure out how to cut fabric with my Cricut. I was planning on doing the whole trace and cut it out thing.

  5. At first, I thought your striped fabric had a wood-grain look to them (I need to get my eyes checked). These are definitely cute! Thanks for sharing!


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