Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And another T-shirt Quilt

Here is just one more t-shirt quilt I have made recently. For this one the lady just wanted the t-shirts in a collage for the front. That is a little bit harder - it is like figuring out a puzzle without a picture. But I was able to make it work, and this is what we ended up with.
For the back she just wanted some flannel - with no batting in the middle.
This will definitely be a nice cozy quilt to snuggle under while watching a movie!
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  1. That is a great looking quilt. Very cute and VERY VERY COMFY. Might need to make one of my own.

  2. love this! my mom had a t-shirt quilt made for me about 10 years ago... and i would love to have another one made... but have been looking for someone that could actually make it for me... ahem. how much do you charge for t-shirt quilts? i'm thinking one with about 16-20 t-shirts? do you do quilts for people that live out of state? i'm in kentucky. if so... could you please email me? thanks!! xoxo Julia


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