Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tulip Quilt

Remember that quilt top I told you about the other day? Here it is all done except the binding, she wanted to do that part on her own. Well I actually sewed the binding on, but did not do the hand-stitching part.
I was so excited that she asked me to quilt this, especially since she sews and could do it herself. But machine quilting is probably my favorite part of the whole quilting process! So it was something that was relaxing for me to do!

I love the colors that she choose for this quilt, they are just stunning together. Here is a close up of the corner with the tulips in it.
She told me that she made this quilt when they were stationed in Germany and was inspired by a trip that she took while they were there.  To quilt it I did a simple all over design, per her request. This will later be a wall hanging when they move back to South Carolina when her husbands retirement is in full swing!
I have been working on getting a post up about my curriculum choices for homeschooling my kids this year, hopefully I will be able to share that with you soon! And I have a few quilt tops that I have been starting, and then not finishing because something comes up or I get started on another project!
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