Thursday, July 25, 2013

Star Surround Quilt Along: Cutting

 I did it, I made it through cutting all this fabric! It usually takes me forever to cut a quilt out - like I have said before it is not my favorite part of quilting.

But I wanted to stay on top of things and so I cut last night and then I cut before swimming lessons today and then more after lessons and before we went to the pool again. And I am done!

I just loved how this stack turned out - that bird is perfectly placed.

Whew! It was a lot for me, but now we can get onto funner things! Unfortunately those funner things are not so fun. I am trying to fix my sons bag before he heads off to scout camp next week - I really don't want to buy him a new one!


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  1. Love your fabrics Jen! Its the first time I've cut all the fabric for a quilt at the beginning. Not sure I'm a fan of doing it that way but I'm glad its done!

  2. Yes, that bird is cut just perfectly. Great job on getting all the cutting done!! Now we get to move on to some fun sewing :)


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