Thursday, July 11, 2013

Transformer Quilt

Summer is in full swing here and I spend my mornings at the pool watching my 5 kids swim their hearts out, and then sometimes we are at the pool again in the afternoon.

We try to do a page or two of math or English workbook stuff, but we are lucky to get it done more than twice a week.

My sewing machine is very neglected, I have not sat down at it in a little while - I did teach my middle boy a few basic lessons lately.

But I have been working on a project - the Transformers quilt:

Truth be told I have been working on this for a long time, longer than Thing #4 likes. But today I made some progress.

I made a Decepticon symbol and started tracing it onto the large squares of the quilt. I will be eventually quilting them - when I find the time.

I am off to spend some more quality time with my family before this summer comes to a close.

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