Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Super Hero Fabric

I am not sure about all of you, but I like to think up my next project before I have even finished my last one. (or last few!)

I am almost done with my Transformer Quilt, I have sewn all of those Decepticon symbols, and I just have to bind it all together now!

Thing #5 has been asking about his quilt - when does he get a quilt from me? Just for the record he is sleeping with one right now, but according to him it is not his. And sometimes you just cannot change the mind of a three year old. And like I need an excuse to make another quilt!

I have been thinking for a while of what I could do for him that could take a while for him to grow out of, but that he would still love right now. Then a while ago I was at my local quilt shop - which for me happens to be about 25 miles away, so really it is not too local, but we take what we can out here - and I found my first fabric for this quilt. The rest of them I bought from various ebay stores and some from

And these fabrics will become the Super Hero Quilt for my sweet little boy. I knew that I had picked the right fabrics when I was looking through ebay trying to pick which fabrics I wanted to use and he came up behind me and asked what the super hero fabric was for. When I told him he he gave me a big smile and ran to tell the other kids that he was getting a super hero quilt from mom.

I am still trying to decide between two different patterns, hopscotch or chopsticks. But I also could use some time to sew - maybe when school starts! Until then I have lots of WIP's!


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  1. Both patterns look very similar to me. My first thought was something with squares to be able to see the fabric but I like the chopsticks one best.


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