Monday, July 22, 2013

Transformer Quilt - Finished!

I did it, I finished this Transformer quilt and made one little boy super happy!

Here are some pictures of the finished project, the quilt is on his bed because when he saw that I was sewing the binding on as he was going to bed he asked me to bring it to him when I finished it. So right after the dryer stopped I took it to his bed, and it has either been there or had him wrapped up in it somewhere in the house. It is a good thing he likes to be warm because who wraps up in a quilt in the middle of summer!?

This is the largest squares with transformer fabric, if you look really close you can see the Decepticon symbols I quilted into them, but since I did it in black it is pretty hard to see. I got this fabric at Walmart, because it is the only place I could find fabric that was transformers that I liked. I know that it probably won't last as long, but at least it will be well loved! And my boy was a little disappointed that I did not find decepticon fabric because he really likes the bad guys! hahaha!
I used minky for the back and it went a lot better then my last minky project - which was a huge relief! My boy lovingly refers to this as button fabric and specifically requested it, so I went with it. Here you can see the Decepticon symbols a little bit better.
This is the best I could get of the whole quilt. It is a simple pattern that I made up. I saw something I liked on pinterest, but wanted it a little bit different so I just got out my graph paper and made my own pattern. It turned out pretty well.
I just quilted it with straight lines because I do not have my frame anymore (soon enough I will have enough room to have a long arm) But I like how it turned out.
This is the other block I used. A different take on the 4 patch block.
Thanks for stopping by and it you are interested in this pattern let me know and I can write it up for you!

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