Friday, November 22, 2013

Modern Peas & Carrots Pattern

I've got a pattern for you! I hope that this is clear and you can understand it. I tried to take more pictures to show some ideas that might not be clear.

And I have this for sale in my Etsy shop for those of you who might just want to buy the finished product.

All right here goes!!

Fabric requirements:
misc orange: three inch strips (need twelve 3" x 8.5")
Blue: 3/4 yard
Green 3/4 yard
cream 3/4 yard

1. Cut all orange pieces into 3" x 8.5"

2. Cut the blue into one 11" strip. From that cut three pieces 8.75" Then cut three more pieces 3.75"
Cut a 3" strip and sub cut it into three pieces 3.25" (you will have leftovers)

3. Cut the rest of the blue into one 14" strip. From that cut three pieces 6.25" Then cut three more pieces 3.25"
Cut a 3" strip and sub cut it into three 6.25" pieces.

4. Repeat the same cutting in steps 2 & 3 with the green fabric.

5. Cut the cream fabric into three 3.25" strips. From that sub cut it into nine 3.25" x 11" rectangles.
Cut four more 3.25" strips of fabric. These will be for the outside borders.

Okay, now we are ready to start putting this quilt together!

For starters we are going to take six of our orange pieces and match them up with three blue 3" x 6.25" and three blue 3" x 3.25" pieces.

Then do the same with your green pieces. (same size as the blue ones). You should have two piles with six in each pile that look something like this: (yes I need to iron!)
One is a 3" x 6.25" blue or green and a 3" x 8.5" orange piece and then other pile is a 3" x 3.25" blue or green. After you sew them together iron towards the orange.

Next you are going to take your 3.25" x 11" strip of blue and of green. You will have six total. You are going to sew this piece to your orange and blue (or green) piece that you just sewed that is now 11" long. (or the piece with the shortest green or blue piece sewn to the orange. Iron seams towards the orange.

After that you will take you 3.25" x 14" strips of blue and of green. You will also have six of these. Sew then to the rest of your orange and blue or green pieces. These ones will be 14" long.

It will look something like this before you sew it together: (this is the 11" piece) When I sewed this together I did not sew my long piece to the same side all the times. I alternated it so that I would have two like this and one with the blue on top. Trust me on this, it will work. Or just scroll down and see more pictures to see if that will help you out. Seeing it all laid out may help with this concept.
Next you are going to take your large pieces of blue and green. There will be three of each color in each pile. Make six total of each size. One pile is the 8.75" x 11" and the other pile is 6.25" x 14".

You will match these up to the pieces that you have already sewn that are 11" and 14". Here in the picture is my match with the 11" piece.
Sew the pieces together to form 6 blocks one size and 6 blocks the other size. Iron the seams to the orange side.

Now you will have 12 blocks total. Three green ones that look like this:
Three blue ones that look like this:
Three more greens that look like this:
And three more blues that look like this:
Next I took and trimmed all of my squares so that they were all 11" x 14". I have learned the hard way that this makes for a nicer looking quilt - and it sews together to much better!

After that I placed all of my squares in this pattern. I wanted to make sure that my orange ones were not meeting up with other orange ones. You can copy mine or lay yours out in whatever design suits your tastes.
After you have this layout figured out, you take the first three pieces of each row and sew a cream rectangle onto the right side of it. Press to the colored fabric.

Once you have your cream sewn on you will sew your rows together. Make sure that you press each seam when you are done!

After that you will sew your outside borders on using the 3.25" strips of cream fabric that you still have left.

Press and then quilt! And your finished product should look something like this:
Thanks for bearing with me! I hope that this works out for you and please if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Thanks for this, I can see this being used as a quilt back, with just one column of peas and carrots.


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