Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pokemon Quilt

I got some fabric in the mail today! And that is always a good thing right?!  I got this bundle of fabric:
I am doing something big here. I am not a huge fan of Pokemon, and my kids know this. I have one boy who absolutely loves pokemon and has wanted me to make him a pokemon quilt for the longest time! I just kept putting him off. But as I have been making quilts for my other kids he keeps trying to come up with ideas for his quilt - when really I just know that he wants a pokemon quilt.

This year for christmas he will get his wish - he will get a pokemon quilt.I found this fabric on ebay, and am fussy cutting the characters to use as blocks on their own, and then will try to use any leftovers on the back.
The colored fabric will be used as small blocks around the fussy cut characters.
Now I just need to find time to work on this without him knowing about it, and having my 4 yr old keep it a secret!!

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