Friday, November 15, 2013

Charming Flowers

It has been a week here! But I am finally getting some stuff done and getting caught up on my 'seamstress' job. Mainly I just help others out with altering their clothes - whatever helps pay the bills! I finally got to do some sewing for me today! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it. I have been piecing my pokemon quilt for my boy.

But today I have a quilt that I finished a while ago, and yesterday as I was getting it out I realized that I never shared it on here.

This was one of the first quilts that I ever made, and it was so easy. The pattern is Charming Flowers from Moose on the Porch quilts. It was super easy and I loved it. I still love this quilt so much.
It was originally for my daughter, but she did not love it as much as I did. So we ended up going with my Lissy's Flowers quilt for her room. But then last night she was complaining about her bedding and how she was getting bigger and whatnot, so I pulled out this quilt and told her I would trade her this quilt for two of her little blankets that were on her bed. You should have seen her face! Beyond excitement!

I love the subtle colors! Just so light and airy!
Here is an upclose of one of the flowers. When I quilted this I left the center of the flowers unquilted. Everywhere else I did an all over pattern. My intention was to place a little puff of something in the center, but I have yet to get to it or to find the perfect something to put there - and it has been almost 4 years!
And another view of the flowers.
To surprise my daughter I made her bed up yesterday afternoon so that when she came home from school her bed looked so nice and welcoming!
I love how it goes so well with her antique wood bed. In the photo above you can see the bright pink sheets peeking out, might need to get some new ones soon!
And yesterday was the perfect overcast day for taking photos of my quilt! Except for the slight wind that never seems to stop here!
I am so happy that this quilt is getting the love I had planned for it!
Doesn't her bed look so much more grown-up now? She says she needs a pillowcase that matches her quilt now! Good thing I still have some fabric left that I have been hanging onto! But my cream flower pillow goes perfect with her bedding too!

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  1. What fun - your daughter is very lucky!

    1. Thank you Abby! She has been feeling very lucky to have this on her bed and tells me every couple of days! ;)

  2. Yeay for gifting this quilt to your daughter! how fun!!

  3. Love the soft, creamy colors!


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