Monday, November 4, 2013

Traveling Stash!!

Last week I received an awesome email, I won the traveling stash!! Are you not familiar with the traveling stash? It is a box filled to the brim with all sorts of fabric goodies and you pick from it and then add items from your stash to it and send it on to the next person! There is a paper in there with everywhere this package has been and the dates they have had it. This box has gone all over the place and it has been going around for almost 2 years!

I was so excited when the box came - and then my daughter was even more excited when I told her what it was and that she could pick on piece of fabric from the box! She could not wait to open it!

When I opened it I found all of this goodness!! Let me tell you it was so fun going through all of this stuff!
I picked out a few things that I thought I would use, here is what I picked out. Then after the fact I added the 100 blocks book to my pile. ;) My daughter picked the blue fabric in the background!
Then me and my daughter neatly packed the box back up and added these items from my stash! She thought it would be fun to include a flower clip in the box because maybe the next person would have a daughter who would like one! I thought that was sweet of her!
Do you want a chance to win this awesome box filled to the brim with all sorts of fabric goodies? All you have to do is leave me a comment here and I will pick a winner on Saturday Nov 9th! (Only US entries on this please, sorry about this).

And I would love it if you would follow me on facebook, instagram, flickr or my blog! Just click on the buttons in the top right!

In other news I am working on another quilt pattern. I almost have the quilt done, so now I just have to transfer my notes into pattern form!
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  1. congrats on the win Jen -- put me in for the box. anyone wanting to check on the other boxes should check out the tracking post over at my blog

  2. have a lot of nice things in there!

  3. What a fun way to share! Put me in for a chance to win. Thanks.
    Cheryl in Friendsville

  4. please mark this as box #4 -- we have been working to sort out which box is #4 and which is #6. If you need new tracking sheets for the box please let me know

  5. I keep debating, do I want this box or not? I would be very tempted to keep the entire thing. I love fabric!


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