Monday, February 21, 2011

Second try

I have seen these cake balls, I have drooled over these cake balls, I have even tried to make them once before - it is was a horrible mess. But I decided to try again last week. The girls in my church love them and so I decided to make them for our weekly activity.

The first time I made them I thought to myself, 'how hard could this be?' Well a lot harder then I thought. Me and my kids made reindeer for Christmas - and it was so bad that you do not even get to see a picture of them. But the kids ate them, because I have really yet to find anything that they will not eat. But they were falling off the sticks, crumbling apart, everything!

However this time I made them they were not a total failure! I was surprised to say the least. But I did find one thing that worked better for me this time: I did not use the whole tub of frosting when I was mixing them up. I use only about 3/4 of it. This was they were not too sticky. Also because they would be eating them right away I decided not to add decoration stuff to them - just a simple M&M on the top to cover where to stick was we used to dip them. I made these fairly big because man, I just got sick of rolling cake balls!
Have you tried to make these cake balls yet? If so did it work for you, or do you have some tips that you want to share with me to help me for next time?!

And one more thing . . . I have a giveaway for tomorrow so be sure to check back!
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  1. I have not made cake balls, but I love oreo balls.

  2. I think they turned out great! I wouldn't turn one down... yum. ;)

  3. omg the first time I tried them it was a horrible mess for me, too! I was so upset, not to mention disappointed ... I did try again and it went better like it did for you ... I agree with MMB tho... I find it much easier to do the cookie based truffles! Plus I like that they are less sweet


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