Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Very Versatile

Natalie from over at A Turtle's Life for Me, recently awarded me with the Very Versatile Blogger Award. I thought that was so sweet of her and I was just thrilled that she choose me! YEA!!!

As part of this award you are supposed to share seven random facts about you . . . well we are going to highlight the random here because I had a hard time coming up with seven when I was stylin'.

1. I really dislike to iron. I pretty much never iron clothes. If Conan needs something ironed he does it himself because it is quicker than having me do it. However, I am getting better at it because all my quilts turn out so much cuter when I have ironed them.

2. Ever since I got married eons ago, the longest we have lived anywhere is 2 years. We are now getting close to 2years here and I feel like we have lived here forever. It does help with not having a lot of crap laying around, but at the same time I would love to live in the same place for the rest of my life.

3. My favorite craft thing to do is sew. I have about 10 sewing projects going at one time because then when I get sick of looking at a certain fabric or it just does not go my way anymore I can move onto something else.

4. Even though we have moved a lot I am a hoarder. When I paper scrapbooked I would get paper and supplies and just not want to use them. Now I have more of a fabric hoarding problem. But I am trying to use what I have and not by anything new. So far so good.

5. My favorite thing to drink is water. I do not care for soda at all, and I don't drink milk. I drink water like a fish.

6. I love to take pictures. I even did it semi-professional for a little while. Which explains nothing when you look at my crappy pictures on here, but I don't like to use my uber-nice camera all the time - so I use the other one. When my baby hears the flash click open he immediately looks up and smiles. Gotta love that. ;)

7. I love shoes - I think enough is said right there.

Anyway, I will get back to you on those who I choose to pass this along to. I always find it so hard to pick because I love so many. But thank you Natalie for this award.
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  1. Haha--I thought you wrote "my favorite thing to DO is drink water" and I thought "What a weird favorite thing to do." Then I reread and thought "Yes, that makes much more sense." Lol.

  2. Congrats on your award :) I am right along with you on numbers 1 2 3 6 and 7! :)

  3. i love to move every 2 years! new follower (:


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