Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing Adventures

 If you are like me, you probably have a couple of projects going at once. I have a couple of sewing projects and a couple of craft projects - I like it this way so that I don't get bored with one fabric print, or if I need to think about the best way to complete a project I can step away for a while and do something else.

But then you get thrown for a loop and have a few more things to sew. Like these scout shirts. In my sons scout troop word got out that I sew - it might have been the fact that he has all his badges sewn on his shirt, and is practically the only one that way. So I worked on these two the other day. Luckily they are easy!

I am also sewing some bridesmaid dresses, and this is a little bit time consuming - I will show you the finished product when I finally get them done. (Which I hope is sooner than later!)

 Also, some of you may remember that I am trying to use up my fabric stash. I am a hoarder, it is true, and in trying to stick to my budget I am not buying fabric - just trying to use what I have.
 I bought this fabric over two and a half years ago. I bought it because I loved it and what really helped me to love it even more was that it was on sale. I love getting a good deal! I paid $10 for all of those fat quarters. I just wish that I still lived close to this store so that I could get more fabric at a good deal! ;)
I did buy this fabric with a pattern in mind - so I was able to buy all that I needed. I hate it when I get started on something and then I am short on one kind of fabric and have to make up something because I cannot find it anywhere. Unfortunately I had changed the pattern a bit in my head to make the quilt bigger. When looking at the pattern I wrote the new measurements of fabric that I needed, but I did not write what I was going to do to make it bigger.

I have it all figured out now, and I have it all cut and I had it all sewn together. I say had because I failed to look at the picture when I was putting it together and put it together wrong. I almost left it, but it continued to bug me, so I spent the majority of the week unpicking it all. But now I have it all ready to go . . .again.  I place all my stuff on my little ironing board so that I can put it up high out of little hands reach.

So I do not have any any completed sewing projects for you today - just a few works in progress. But I did sew this wonderful clutch last week that I am giving away here.
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  1. Those prints are so pretty, they will make a wonderful quilt! Good job sticking with it and fixing it when you realized it was wrong. That's always a painful process, but worth it in the end!

    Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!

  2. Looking good. I like the colors and what a good deal on the fabric. Hope to see it when it is done. Thank you for sharing.


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