Saturday, July 9, 2011

House Placemats - Fabric Review

 Okay, I really could not think of what to call these, until I was taking pictures of them and one of my kids said 'cool house placemats mom.' And I thought  'duh, house place mats!' I know it is super creative, but sometimes I am like that.

Kim from Poppy Seed Fabrics sent me this fabric to review, and I loved it, but I did not know what to make with it. This fabric is called Little Folks Berry cotton laminate. You can get it here. I have never worked with laminate, but I had been doing some reading on it and wanted to try it, so I was excited when she sent me this.

It is super easy to work with, and I had no troubles. I would say it sews like regular fabric - yet you can wipe is clean easier! ;)
 Conan gave me the idea for these place mats and I think it is great. I cut the different shapes of houses that were on the fabric and then used binding in the coordinating color. I am really not that great at binding sharp corners, so don't look too close! ;)

 Aren't they fun?! My daughter has already asked if she can use them for a little party. And the great part, you can machine wash them (cold water), or just wipe them clean. I have not tried drying them yet, so I am not sure what the fabric will do.

After I had these all done, I showed them to my friend and she said that she would have re-covered an outdoor seating with this fabric! Another great idea for laminate fabric. Of course a bag is always an option as well!
You can find this fabric here, and Kim has lots of great other fabrics in her shop. Go and check it out! I love this Christmas is July bundle she has - perfect for a quilt!
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  1. Those turned out great! I've never tried laminated fabric. And I have some outdoor chair cushions to redo. I'll have to check this out
    Thanks for sharing at Frugal Friday!

  2. They make great table cloths too. Cute placemats!

  3. very clever. i love these, the fabric is gorgeous. i bet it would make a great tote bag for picniks, or small re-useable bags for sandwiches.


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