Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awesome Flower Pillow

I shared this tutorial as a guest post over at My World Made by Hand, and I thought that my readers should also get the great tutorial!
Today I am going to share a sewing project with you. It is for this Fabulous Flower pillow. I made a pink one for my girl and liked it so much that I made this cream one for me!

Fabric - yardage depends on the size of your pillow - I used about 1 yd here
Sewing machine and accessories
 The first thing you need to do is take your pillow and in my case trim off that lovely trim. I got my pillow at the thrift store and gave it a good washing. Much cheaper than a pillow form.
 I then measured how big it was across my pillow and then added an extra 1/2 inch and cut a circle out of my fabric. As you can see this circle is not quite a circle, but it will work.
 I then cut the remaining fabric into strips. I used about 5 strips and they were 2 inches wide. You can vary this for a different look. On my pink one I cut the strips 3 inches wide.
I then sewed all of the strips together into one big long one. I then folded it in half, so that I did not have a raw edge for the flower. (You could do one like that and make it look a little bit shabby.) After that I took one end and folded it over like in the above picture and sewed it down to make a point.
I started on the outside on my circle, and sewed almost one inch from the edge. I just free handed it with the ruffles, tucking the fabric as I went along. At this point was where I was really wishing I had one of those rufflers that will make the ruffles for me - maybe someday.
When I had made it around the circle once, I continued to sew and kept my edge overlapping right to the middle of the row I had just sewn.
I then continued to sew until I got close to the middle. I then just tacked the fabric down and continued to twist it until it looked good. This part is kind of had to explain - I hope that the pictures make up for it!
 Then I trimmed my fabric to where I thought was good. I made another triangle fold on the end so that I did not have any loose ends, then I tacked it some more - okay maybe a little bit too much, but I am sure that it will hold!
When I was finished with my flower side I sewed it onto the back side with about 1/2 inch seam allowance. The flower you just sewed will be on the inside. I left a 6-8 inch opening making it like a pillow case. Then I flipped it right side out and stuck my pillow inside of its 'case'.

I then stitched the opening closed and done! This one was a little bit more time consuming then my first one, but I wanted it a little bit different. That is the beauty of this pillow, you can change one simple thing and it changes the look!
 Tell me that pillow is not to funnest thing ever! And here is a picture of the pink one on my daughter's bed.
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