Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look what I found

Okay, so you all know that I have spent tons of time on the internet this week, I just wanted to share a few things that I found while visiting so many different blogs. I love the fact that people are so willing to share their talents with the world! However, it does make me want to make all this cute stuff!

The first thing I found that I thought would be fun to make was this dated design wall art from Andrea Steed. I think this would be a great gift or great to make for yourself. I am trying to be good and have a place to put this before I make one. Mine could get a little bit big seeing as I have 5 kids. But as soon as I find that perfect spot for this lovely . . .

The next thing that I thought was fun was this Ballard design knock off ticket from Dreaming in Color. My family has movie night every Friday night and I think that this would look so cool displayed above where we keep the movies, or by the TV. And I spent a ton of time on her blog because this gal is awesome. She has a lot of great ideas and some serious talent!
 And lastly - well really I could go on for quite a while, but I won't because my house really needs to be cleaned - is these awesome board books. Utah County Mom made these books to help her kids remember who all the relatives are that they do not see all the time! Perfect for my family, since no one lives close to us! This is one that I am going to have to try. I have done it in those little 4 x 6 picture books with the plastic, but they are not super sturdy, and I am just loving this idea! She even tells you where you can buy the plain board books.

I hope that you all have a great weekend, and that you get some great crafting done! I am off to clean the house and then run outside when it warms up a little bit!
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  1. I love the 1st frame as an anniversary gift.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jen! :) Glad you like my Dated Wall Art design. :) I'd love to see your version too!


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